Hair Extensions

Love your hair, enhance your style with extensions.

Hair extensions are a form of real or synthetic hair that is closely attached to your scalp, adding length, thickness, or color to your natural hair. Some are long-lasting, some are not, and some hair extensions can even last a full year before they need to be removed. The color and texture of the hair extensions complement each other and blend in with your hair, making it hard to tell if you’re wearing them. Good-quality wholesale hair extensions are available in Khairvendors. You can wash, condition, dry, and color them just like your own hair. They also provide a great deal of styling freedom.

Types of Wholesale Hair Extensions

Khairvendors provides various types of wholesale hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are temporary ones where the top end of the extension is a clip that is used to add the extensions to the natural hair. Tape-in hair extensions are attached to thick sections of your hair using double-sided keratin tape. Flip-in hair extensions come with an invisible and adjustable wire that is placed at the crown. I-Tip hair extensions use aluminum or copper micro rings to keep the extensions in place. In contrast, U-Tip extensions are applied using a hot hair extension iron to melt the keratin onto the hair.

Why Use Hair Extensions

The main reason for hair extensions is to increase the length of hair. It can also cover up a bad haircut. If you want to add some color and dimension to your hair, you can use a different hair color shade for the hair extensions without having to color the natural hair. Hair extensions also add volume to the hair. Thinner hair is made to look thicker with hair extensions, for example. Using hair extensions is also a way to change the hairstyle without actually cutting and changing it with natural hair. Khairvendors can provide you with wholesale hair extensions in different hair lengths, colors, hair qualities and styles.